Sunday, April 24, 2005

Whats in my handbag?

[ I can now put an attribute to Atizah. I got the idea for this entry from Atizah.]

Actually I got this idea from one of the bloggers whose blog I visited. But I have since forgotten whose blog it was, if the owner of the blog is reading this post, please tell me who you are and I will put up an acknowledgement. If you know the site of the blog, please forward them to me.

They say the contents of a woman's handbag is a reflection of her, perhaps the contents reveal that I am a bag lady. Its confirmed, I carry too much with me.

I found these in my handbag:
1. 3 stirrers from Startbucks. To be precise they were from Starbucks Jeddah. We bought 8 coffees to drink by the sea and I had grabbed a handful of stirrers and put them in my handbag.
2. A packet of sugar. You never know when you'll need them.
3. A box of Strepsils. Got this habit after my bad bout of sorethroat in January. Also useful remedy for bad breath.
4. A handful of receipts. I always keep my receipts in my handbag in case I need to return something.
5. My passport. In case I need to board a flight in a hurry.
6. My, now beat up, brown wallet.
7. Toothpicks. Very useful after dinner.
8. Takeaway menu from one of our favourite Chinese Restaurant.
9. Room key card from a hotel in Makkah. The key to some good memories.
10. 3 packs of tissues. 1 is never enough :)
11. A notebook. Been carrying this around for a while. Contains notations of what I spent on some previous trips.
12.A pen.
13.3 hairbands.
14.2 hair crunchies.
15.Lip balm
16.Keys with a magnalite and measuring tape attached. The Magnalite came useful when we had a tyre puncture on the road in the dessert. The measuring tape, well you never know what you need to measure.
17.Panadol compact.
18.A lipstick holder with 2 lipsticks and a mirror.
19.A small bottle of perfume. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea. I don't like BO.
20. My sunglasses. Very important to have here.
21.Dettol antibacterial wipes.
22.A business card holder. Not mine, his business cards.
23.Elastic headband to hold my hair back.
And of course, my trusty mobile phone. Will try not to leave home without it.
A bottle of water. Its very dry here, carrying water is important.
And sometimes I throw in a book as well.

I can never be one of those women who carrying around a small cute pursebag. What do ladies who carry clutchbags have in their handbags? 2 pieces of tissue?

So what do you have in your handbag?


MobileMom said...

That's a good idea CT, I'm going to put mine soon. I have gazillion stuff in my handbag. This would be fun to blog about. :) Take care now.

drbubbles said...

now I know what is inside a woman handbag!

Leen Ash Burn said...

the big bulk of the space in my handbag is taken up with my medicines hehehe. mebbe i should blog about this too? :)

Kak Teh said...

i once wrote and published an article on this and what a handbag means to a woman - whoah - banyak response. Never underestimate what's in a woman's handbag! _ iI have handphone, camera, a few sachets of sugar and salt, stirrers, tissues from various restaurants and cafe, of course make-uplah nak touch up sana sini, lots of ID's for different buildings and places that I work in, notebooks, and books to read, pens and markers...and you can imagine the size of the bag that I carry!!

Sunflora said...

Yes Mobilemom and Leen please do blog about your handbag contents :) Would love to read about them.

Iskandar hehehe the mysteries of women's handbags are resolved then?

Kak Teh! Hehehe sounds like your bag contents are similar to mine except you carry even more stuff! :)

CK said...

Just you wait till you have a kid, SF. Then, you'll lug a tote (BESAR PUNYA) FOREVER!!! Gone are the days of carrying small, cutesy handbags, sigh. These days I've got spare diapers, bedak/lotion, topi, extra pair of baju, etc. ALL for Y!!! Hmmpppphhh!! Even F has to take turns lugging the bag, haha.

d'arkampo said...


In my handbag, i have :

1. a digital camera
2. 2 AAA size batteries
3. a yellow highlighter
4. a cheque book
5. 1 oral-B Mint waxed floss
6. a notebook
7. yesterday's newspaper
8. bills
9. more bills
10.Old Plane ticket
11.a pencil, that is my briefcase. can do eh?

Sunflora said...

CK hehehe its that heavy huh. Hopefully the days of carrying diapers would be over soon.

D'arkampo wahhh why so many bills? And that old plane ticket, what was the destination?

atiza said...

wow..that's a load of stuff you got there..

but a measuring tape?

i'll get one at IKEA then (free maa!) ;)

Sunflora said...

hahahaha Atiza! I used to carry the IKEA ones in my handbag too ;) But because they were in my bag with the other stuff kekadang sampai koyak koyak bende tu dalam my bag :)

Thanks for your blog idea :)

Israel said...

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