Friday, April 15, 2005

How old before you stop having sex?

As I was reading Atizah's Hopelessly In love, I remembered a scene I saw at the local Marks and Spencer.

I took the escalator up to the second floor where the lingerie section was. It was during a Marks and Spencer sale and thus a lot of the lingerie was marked down. As I approached the lingerie section, I saw a very matured lady looking at some G strings and suspenders. At first I thought, "Wow sexynyer makcik ni dah kerepot pun pakai lacy underwear." (Wow what a racy old lady, even in her age she wears lacy underwear.)

Until I saw her pick up a lacy red suspenders. For those of you who don't know what suspenders are, there are those things one wears above one's underwear, to hold one's stokings up.

She held the suspenders in front of her nether region and tried to measure them agains her body. "George, what do you think of these? Do they fit me you think?" she said to her husband.

Young equally kerepot George came up to her and was actually accessing how the suspenders would look on her.

And there I was going to myself, "My eyes! Oh my eyes! Help! My eyes!" I nudged at Him, wandering if He too witnessed the scene that I was witnessing and He gave me a knowing smile.

And we walked away from them, before we burst out laughing too hard.

Perhaps I was harsh to think that ladies in their golden years no longer wear such racy sexy lacy underwears. But perhaps it is the culture that we have been brought up in.

Can you ever imagine nenek wearing a sexy lacy red underwear from Marks and Spencer? I am pretty sure if she did, someone would have commented something along the lines of, "Dah buang tebiat ke?"

But it was truly amazing to have witness that scene. Even in their age, the husband takes interest in the wife's sexy lacy red underwear. Are they still having sex? Erk! I don't really want to know!

Thanks Atizah for the posting. Brought the memories of the old couple looking at suspenders come flooding back.

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atenah said...

thats exactly what i should get with my grant money huh? but not white mebbe red or black ;). oh yes, SF, when I am a nenek, i STILL want to be able to hang from a chandelier LOL

born-again drama queen said...

isn't that sweet? seeing someone still making the effort to spice up their love life...*sigh*..

MobileMom said...

That'a a nice one. Must go get me one of those!! :D heh heh heh...

d'arkampo said...


Excuse me..

I need a cold shower.

he he

Kak Teh said...

po, go and get cold shower. Tenah, i quite like the idea of hanging on the chandelier. Hmm .. am letting mytiaginetion go for a while. will be back with more answers.

elisataufik said...

I think that's so sweet!!
I get looks when I'm buying for lingerie.
Macamlah orang pakai tudung takleh ada sex life.. (or own lingerie coz we wanna feel good in it)

atiza said...

i once gave a good friend of mine the stretchy bit (dunno what's the name) for her wedding night. i wonder if she still keeps it..

you have those? ;)