Wednesday, May 11, 2005

It is a good day

He woke me up with a kiss. I had a hard time opening my eyes. I think I must have been deep in my dreams and was unwilling to get back to the land of reality. I don't remember what my dream was all about. I opened my eyes and saw that he was already dressed in his shirt and tie. He was ready for work and I am a terrible wife. I have not made him his breakfast.

I opened my eyes to see him staring at me. He is the first person I see each morning. That look of adoration in his eyes. I don't want that look to ever go away. Never! I smiled. I asked him if he wanted his breakfast. And he answered, "Yes please."

I reached for my glasses. And he pointed to the blue bag on the bed. I smiled.

I had seen a small blue bag inside his shopping bag yesterday. I told him that I had seen it and he said, "Ahh you nii. You're spoiling my surprise."

We are alike in many ways. We like to do things on our own terms, in our own little way.

"You can open it if you want," he said.

I let it be. I pretended I didn't see it.

And this morning, he pointed the little blue bag beside my pillow. I put my glasses on and reached out for the contents of the bag. It was tied with a pretty white ribbon. He knows how to spoil me. I will give him that. He knows what makes me happy.

I remembered the first time I opened another box with the similar white ribbon. It was about eight maybe nine years ago, his first Valentine's Day gift. He had sought the help of two of his female friends in Hong Kong to buy me the gift. I didn't know what Tiffany's was at that time. I was so naive. It was a bracelet with two interwined hearts. That was the beginning.

He woke me up with the little blue bag Posted by Hello

I untied the pretty white ribbon. And saw the little blue bag, and inside, was a pair of Paloma picasso earings. I had seen the earrings before, a few years ago in Singapore. But we didn't buy it then. We had our commitments.

I removed my only other pair of earrings that I have here. The ones he bought for me in the first year of our marriage. The only pair I have been wearing whereever I went. I put the new pair on. They felt good.

I made him breakfast while wearing my new pair of earrings. It was scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. He was late.

As he walked to the door, we hugged. He hugged me tight and whispered in my ear, "Thank you for looking after my parents when they were here. I love you."

And darling, I love you too. Thank you for appreciating me. I love the fact that you love me and is still in love in me.

Will have to dig up that nurse uniform for tonight ;)


teek said...

that is sooo sweet... :)

dengkiiiiiiii..heh heh

elisataufik said...

we've definitely GOT to get together when I get there, and you must get your hubby to teach my husband this trick.I will pay you in ikan bilis.

CK said...

Awwww...that's soooo sweet! I'd be jealous of you but I don't like earrings hahahaha (kiddin'!! Anything from Tiffany's will be cherished of course!) Hmm...Don't think I'll be seeing the little blue box with white ribbons anytime soon (or whenever!) hehehe (I hope F doesn't read this!) :)

Kak Teh said...

sf- certainly very sweet. Lucky you! but who gets to wear the nurse's uniform?

atenah said...


Bunn said...

woohooo ... so how long did the uniform stay on the body (whoever it was)?

mobilemom said...

Wahhhhh so the very the sweet and romantic!!! Tiffany & Co. somemore!!*sigh* The last time I went window shopping at T&Co. was ages ago. I've always like that heart shape pendant. Uwaa...
Nice pair of earing SF. :)

d'arkampo said...


need to buy that blue bag with white ribbon laa... earrings.

Just a plain white nurse's uniform inside.

okay..okay..time for a cold shower...I know.

atiza said...

way heyyyyy...

rudy said...

heh. lucky feller

born-again drama queen said...

aahhh....the feeling of being in love...i like..

lion3ss said...


That is sooooo sweet..

Lollies said...

OK I must get my lover to read this post.

Leen Ash Burn said...

Awww, a Hallmark moment with a tinge of AX(XX)N hehehe.

Sunflora said...

Teek hehe saccharine sweet yeks ;) Jgn mare.

Elisa, No problems but can I trade half the ikan bilis for ikan masin bulu ayam? hahahahaha

CK, Shall I drop a hint to F? Will tell him no earrings please :)

Kakteh, He tried to get in them but his chest hair got stuck in the zip. Ouch!

Atenah heheheheh

Bunn, 5 minutes flat ;)

Mobilemom, Ahems shall I tell Mr KLSuperguy about the nice heart shaped pendant?

Po, heheheh the plain white uniform must be tight and short to make it work ok! ;)

Atiza, wahahahahaa.

Rudy, yeah see this is what good surprises do for women ;)

Nefertiti, love/lust/greed... all of em ;)

Lion3ss, thanks for dropping by :)

Lollies, yes! its the morning kiss that counts!

Leen, hahahahah I was worried the uniform is too small for me! ;)

anasalwa said...


Sude said...

Hello Sunflora . I just found out your blog while checking blogsites. Very nice present and the colour is great .
Hope to see you soon .