Monday, May 30, 2005

Raining Hearts

It was our last meeting for the year before almost everyone goes away for the summer. The meeting was filled with both admiration and sadness.

First was a spot of show and tell. We all had held our President's Challenge watercolors hearts. This was the only time everyone had something to show. It was our last meeting of the year and we all want to be reminded that each of us has done through the course of the year.

M was a veteran of the club. She has been in the Guild since the days where the meetings were held at the American Embassy and meetings were attended by as many as 80 - 100 quilters. Gone were those days.

M's table runner Posted by Hello

Ai was another veteran of the club. When she first started quilting cotton was so hard to find, and whatever cotton fabric the women could find, they'd bought it in bulk and shared it out amongst themselves.

A's water color heart Posted by Hello

J, our Guild President for next year. She too has been in the guild for a while now. She hasn't had time to quilt for awhile but took the extra effort to finish the President's challenge.

J's watercolors heart Posted by Hello

S now she is the quiet one. I haven't been able to get to know her better but I thought her color combination was rather unique.

S's watercolors Heart Posted by Hello

And mine, my second quilt that I have ever sewn. My quilt buddies were surprised I picked green. They'd thought I'd do red, the traditional and unimaginative choice, yeah, that was me. But the fabric combination was something I would have never picked myself so I took up the challenge to do a green heart.

My green water color heart Posted by Hello

The meeting was somewhat ruled by a somber mood. J, our outgoing president was due for an operation over the weekend. There was a tumor in the womb and she would have to go through a hysterectomy. We all felt her pain. I have since heard that she is doing OK in the hospital after her operation. The tumor was benign and we are so glad for her. Even in her hospital bed, she was quilting, a quilt that she has taken 9 years and is still working on it.

Somehow the party started when the whole event was over, when we were all in the kitchen clearing the food and getting ready to go home. I traded food with Ev and Ai. We had a portluck and since I didn't know what to bring, I bought some chicken rice. A bit too heavy for the Ang Moh stomachs. Ai had brought a chicken Caesar salad. So we traded, I took the rest of her salad and her lovely Ranch salad dressing home while she took my claypot chicken rice and chilli sauce.

Ev told me that she didn't managed to taste any of my chicken rice in the end because her son had finished it all the following day.

I am now working on another watercolors heart and have fabric to do three more. When will I finish it? At the expense of blogging and blog reading unfortunately.


marina said...

Hey, nice quilt. I wish i have the patience and creativity.

Leen Ash Burn said...

like i said kat YM tadi: OMG your quilt is so cantek!

I am so ashamed - I can't even do a proper jahit koyak2 hahaha

Sunflora said...

Marina, I didn't think I have the same patience either but with perserverance and dedication, every1 can do one.

Leen hehehe I just have a good teacher thats all.

CN said...

cantiknyer.. ader pattern dia tak? nak nak nak

anedra said...

the "mother" in me has always wanted to make a quilt like that for my kids. But the "lazy" in me always says "OH GO BUY ONE lah!!". Lovely, lovely pieces!

Lollies said...

I am terribly jealous. I need to trigger the creative part of my brain which is dead.

elisataufik said...

the runner is so pretty!!!

teek said...

very the lawa!
so, next project - buat quilted blanket..besar skit. Courier to me eh? ;)

*only blogger account je leh comment?

atiza said...

i like your quilt a lot..
how i wish i have time to sew..

Mobilemom said...

wow...SF...very nice. Impressive and dare to be different. Well done. :) I like it.

1na said...

tengok u punya quilt, teringat crosstich(betoi ka spelling?) i yg dah dekat 3 tahun tak berganjak. tapi anyam kotak tisu pakai manik dah terer... hehehehe

now sebok nak knitting plak hehehe lagi 2 tahun boleh siap kot??!!

Kak Teh said...

Sf, booootiful!! If only I have the patience!! I cant even sew a button!

CestmoiCK said...

Memang multi-talented you ni, SF! :)

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

some people simply have all the luck and the enviable talent.

if ever you come back to the sunny land of malaysia, would you consider holding a class (that charges cheap cheap fees? on quilting?

1na said...


macam bunn, count me in kay?

Sunflora said...

CN, pattern ada. Actually it was taken from a book. You want me to scan the pattern for you?

Anedra, hehehe actually I still haven't stop buying them, coz although I am learning to sew them myself now, but knowing the amount of time it takes to just do one, Sometimes just taking some money of the wallet is much easier.

Lollies, all you need is some time. I just followed very technical instructions. No creativity there ;)

Elisa yeah!! I liked it too! I asked her if it was for sale but she said she designed it for her own dining table *sigh* Heheheheh But I was also afraid to hear the price in case I could not afford it hehehee.

Teek heheheh caaaan queen size or king size?

Atiza, yeah time is the real essence.

Mobilemum errrrr mana ada different laaaa... semua sama je ;)

AKA cross stitch for me is for patient people. I have no such patients. With this just jahit cepat cepat ;)

Kakteh, but you do a lot more interesting things in your life rather than just sewing!

CK, I am sure you can do it too if you put your mind to it.

The Babe, AKA, Insyallah. But from what I hear at the moment quipment for quilting is a bit expensive and hard to find in MSia :(

atenah said...

s, i was abt to write how envious i am of you. i have always wanted to learn how to quilt but has never had the chance. but, i suppose i should be thankful to Allah for what i have and what i have to do

anasalwa said...

your green heart is beautiful. I love it. keep quilting.