Thursday, May 05, 2005

Just another day .....

The bus arrived at 9:15. It was hot out, 37oC. And we women were wearing black. Black the color of darkness and invisibility that absorbs lots of heat. The air is very dry and there has been a sandstorm about for the past two days. Even people who never had a history of asthma in their lives were beginning to develop asthma.

We walked to the store across the road. The workers were getting ready for opening time. They opened the front screen door for the workers to get in. Not wanting to wait in the heat in our black abayas, we waited in front of the entrace, enjoying the blast of air conditioned air seeping from the half opened inner door.

And we were chased out. We were told that the shop was still closed and we have to wait outside. In the heat. Us in our black abaya.

Then a man wearing a white dress came. (The men here wear dresses, they are not necessarily drag queens :)) He greeted the uniformed security guard who looked barely 20 with the customary salam. He said he wanted to return something. He was told that the shop has not yet open, and he has to wait outside.

The sole man in white told the security guard that it was hot outside and he wants to stand inside, in the shade, with the air-conditioner. And the security guard let him.

We women sniggered. No chivalry here. Nevermind we were women, wearing black, absorbing heat, standing outside in the hot dry weather. We are invisible afterall. We are not to be seen or heard. It was a miracle that we were allowed out of our houses even! And without our spouses who are hard at work in the office! The sole man who had probably skipped the office, got a better treatment. Because he is a man.

Sometimes, its just the small seemingly unimportant incidents like this that gets us all riled up. Just another day in the magic winter wonderland. Not!


Bunn said...

today's just not my day too, for no apparent reason. *mencarut*

atiza said...

i can't stand being sidelined. if i were you, i'll share with him a piece of my mind...tak kira dah!

Lollies said...

aduhhh....tak tahannya...deep breath really

atenah said...

men like that, bikin malu umat

Sunflora said...

Bunn, Atiza, Lollies and Atenah hehehe sini kalau nak cerita how women are treated, especially Asian women berjela laaa hehehehe.