Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Ties = adult bibs?

Ties galore Posted by Hello

Apparently there are many places where one could keep one’s ties. Ideally, the multicoloured ties are hung on a tie hanger in the closet but one particular person I know quite well seems to think otherwise.

A favourite is the dining table, sometimes the dining chair, other times at the sofa downstairs, then there is the writing desk, perhaps on the dressing table, if not one the camel seat by the door, otherwise on the breakfast table. All these are the many creative places one can choose to keep one’s ties and sometimes by pure magic all the ties suddenly appeared in the closet again. Isn’t life amazing?

Aside from the many places one can creatively keep one’s ties, one can also make creative use of them. A favourite is as a bib aka a way to show one’s wife one had for lunch. A spot of curry, perhaps barbeque sauce or ketchup if one had hamburgers for lunch.

So why do men wear ties anyways??

Next entry…. socks and why men should invent disposable socks or use socks as a novel home décor item.


d'arkampo said...

So why do men wear ties anyways??

Because the wife can pull him by the neck when he is frozed by a sight of sexy lady in the mall.


We wear it because we loves our wives...

Sang Kelate said...

I hate wearing ties. It is not practical esp if u live in hot & humid country like Malaysia. I guess it is invented so that men are easily choked if they try to be cheeky.


I hate wearing tie but into wearing cuffed shirt... anybody wanna buy we platinum cuff link?


Leen Ash Burn said...

Well, my colleagues seem to find it OK to lay all their colourful ties at the cubicle. Like many colourful banners hehehe

Lollies said...

semua tie dia colour lembut-lembut aje. he he maybe can find better use for ties now

atiza said...

i suggest we add another task in our domestic engineer CV, tie-sweeper/picker.

Sunflora said...

Hahahah sorry guys I was in a cranky mood and I was a wee bit tired of picking up the ties ;)

Po Oh my! And why may I ask do husbands look at sexy ladies in the mall? Isn't he suppose to say Subhanallah and lower his eyes? :) Muahahahah

Sk why platinum? Here can buy cuff links for RM20.

Leen hahaha they are showing off their collection huh ;) I bet they all forgot to bring them ties home thats why the ties are there in their cubicles.

Lollies ahems kaler lembut lembut hehehehe buat apa yek? ;)

Atiza, hear hear!

atenah said...

alaaa tak pe lah dok kutip ties tu everywhere, kan upahnya ear rings from tiffany, berbaloi sangat you

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

ties are good when your pants or baju kurung are kinda loose a bit, and you need something to hold them up.

Sude said...

Why do men wear ties?
Hmm I think some men -although they dont have to wear-like wearing ties a lot for a cool and more serious look to affect people. And perhaps some men wear ties as a big sign pointing something below.↓

Sunflora said...

Atenah mmg lah berbaloi but kalau tgh PMS tu tension lah skit ;)

Babe, they're good belts huh ;) Will keep that in mind.

Hazelnut hahahah!!! Thats a very good one! Yeah men need to reaffirm their manhood all the time don't they ;)