Friday, February 04, 2005

Just a normal Friday in the Magicland

We went to Carrefour to get some groceries. After making the payment, I made a quick inspection of the receipt and found that I was charged $16.50 for "pickled garlic in herbs." Ok I do like my garlic but I was quite sure that was not the price stated on the bar code. So I went into the shop again to check the price on the shelf (just to make sure because I have been known to be mistaken before.) $5.50! Thats the price on the barcode on the shelf. This has happened to me before so I defly took out the price tag code and brought it to the cashier to complain.

One of the supervisors saw that I looked clearly perplexed and asked me what was wrong. I told him that This price code that I was holding stated that the pickled garlic should cost $5.50 and not $16.50 that I have been charged with. They had a mini conference.

So I rumaged through my shopping and showed them the offensive item. They scanned the bar code on the offensive item and true enough the price came up as $16.50.

"Its correct!" said the supervisor.

No its not! So I showed them another bottle of pickle which I bought, same brand, same size except that it was "pickled garlic with chilli" and it cost $7.50. There is no way the plain one cost more expensive than the ones with chilli and I even have the price tag-code to prove it.

But the computer is ALWAYS correct! They did not know how to rectify it!

And the shop was about to be closed for prayers. Oh well.

So I decided to refund the item instead.

This country still continues to astound me.

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