Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Thank you

Ladies and gentleman :)

Thank you for your kind suggestions.

MakNenek Can you believe it that I do have both Betty Yew's and Zarina's cookbook. But I'd have to say that I didn't like my Zarina book so much.

Will email you about the daging dendeng recipe.

Atn, thats a very good suggestion. Will keep that in mind next time. Actually I did used to serve up the same grub just that I am somewhat nervous because I have this need to out do myself everytime. I know I have issues! *LOL*

And lamb, what is it about Malaysians and not eating lamb? Or is it just some of the Malaysians I met? My in law's family don't eat lamb and hubby only started eating lamb when he married me. I met at least a few other Malaysians who confessed to me that they have never eaten lamb in their lives.

Kampo hehehehe tu kalau kenkawan below age of 15 boleh lah! Buat maggi mewah. Kang adelah pulak yang datang tu cakap "Awak serve maggi je?"

Leen! I want some of your maceroni goreng/pasta dishes/nooodles variety! Bile? LOL
Yes is wonderful. Its a priceless treasure! And I want to taste your lauk kicap please.

Nefertiti, thanks for surfing to my blog and offering to share your mean recipe. Yes please! My email is

And to top it off, my beloved has been very sweet. He suggested that he will buy some lauk from an Indonesian warung fairly near our place.

One of the challenges cooking here actually, is getting the right ingredients. And yes, I have this disease of wanting to please. When I do host, I somehow feel that if I don't have rows of variety of food, then its not entertaining. Perhaps its those years of eating buffet breakfast at hotels.

But anyways that issue has been resolved for me. We will be having Indonesian nasi padang style food (its a treat here as there isnt very many Indonesian restaurants.)

Our weekend here is on Thursday and Friday. Have a good weekend everyone :)

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