Monday, February 14, 2005

The Love of a Mother Part 2

Kak Z's eldest daughter is currently doing her PhD in Malaysia. She always impressed upon her children the importance of education. Her second daughter has a Masters in Communication. Her third daughter graduated with a degree in Psychology, her fourth son is doing IT and her youngest son is in secondary school.

"My late husband told me, there are only two things that are important when raising children. The first is that they pray 5 times each day and the second is that they get very good education."

"It was a challenge for me when the children were younger. I made sure I personally sent them to school every morning. And I would wait outside the school gate, in my car, for at least half an hour after my son got off the car, to make sure that he does not leave the school premises. I wanted to make sure that he wasn't playing truant. I wanted to make sure that he had a good education."

If that is not dedication, I don't know what that is.

She struggled financially to send her daughters to study in Malaysia. The tuition fees was not cheap and sometimes her relatives questioned her on how she had the money to send them to study there.

"Sending three girls abroad to go to University must cost a bomb, where is the money coming from?"

"Do you have a husband in Malaysia to support you?"

Truth was, she worked. She worked very hard to put the children through University. (What she does for a living is another fascinating story!)

All she told them, "Allah helped me. The money came from Allah. I asked Him for help and He helps me provide for my children."

"Ini lah mulut orang, mereka nak fitnahkan saya bila tengok saya dapat hantar anak saya belajar di University di luar negeri. Tapi saya sabar. Tiap hari sembahyang Istiharah, minta pada Allah."

One day her daughter called her from Malaysia.

"How are you doing F?" she asked her daughter.

"Not so good Mum, one of my Professors is finding fault with me. I don't know what I did wrong. He doesn't seem to want to help me with my thesis or even explain to me why he is rejecting my thesis," lamented the daughter.

Kak Z got very restless. As a mother she doesn't want her daughter to struggle. And she wants to make things easier for her daughter.

"Tell me the name of your Professor and I will say his name when I tawaf round the Ka'abah," she told her daughter.

And off she went to Makkah. She told us that she did the tawaf 8 times.

8 times!? I did a quick calculation, 7 times 8 is 56. That is 56 times round the Ka'abah! And I can tell you thats not an easy feat!

"Well you see, I was really sad for my daughter. Everytime after I finish each Tawaf, I will perform a solat sunat. And I didn't stop until I felt at ease. If I was still feeling uneasy I did a tawaf again. I did it so many times that the female guard at the Ka'abah asked me if there was something wrong. She asked me why I was crying. And I told her I have an issue with God and I will resolve it with Him."

"On one of the rounds I had difficulty looking for a place to perform my solat sunat. The female guard practically lifted me and put me on a different spot, which was right in front of the door of the Ka'abah."

"I asked Allah to please help my daughter. To please soften the heart of her Professor so he will help her with her thesis."

"Only when I felt at ease, I stopped performing the tawaf."

"A week later, my daughter called again from Malaysia. I asked her if her Professor was still giving her a hard time. And she told me that he is much kinder and nicer to her now."

That is the extent of the love and dedication of a mother. She is willing to sacrifice it all and do whatever it takes for her children to succeed.

Do we as children have the same sort of dedication to our mothers?

A mother can take care of 10 children, but can 10 children take care an old ailing mother with the same love and dedication?

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