Saturday, February 26, 2005

Want some?

Want some duck? Posted by Hello

Thank you friends for your tips and your generosity in sharing your recipes.

Yes I am a foodie. I am passionate about food. *sigh* My ever expanding waisteline is a testimony to that.

One of the perks of living where I am at the moment, is the availability of Halal food, especially the rare, if not gourmet foodstuff which I yearned to try when I was living in London or travelling in Europe but could not because they were not Halal.

Just the other day, I found duck being sold in the local Safeway. And so I decided to buy one and make my own Roast Duck. Once again, my trusty Gary Rhodes recipe help guide me through the process. (Ok I confess I have 3 Gary Rhodes book and all of Jamie Olivier's books although not all are with me here.)

I also made some orange sauce to go with the duck but unfortunately the sauce didn't look too good because I didn't have a fat separator and my sauce looked more brown rather than orange.

And if you look closely at the top left corner of the picture, you'll see my own dried tomatoes. I make my own oven dried tomatoes now, preserved in olive oil.

I don't know whats the cause of my fascination to duck. Foie grais, duck confit, yummy. Perhaps I am just somewhat bored with chicken, beef and lamb. Although I have not tried camel meat yet.

The crispy skin of the duck is yummy!

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